Climate in Livingstone

Weather in Livingstone tends to be stable and sunny from August until late October when the "monsoon" rains start to hit. Either side of this time, the weather is very pleasant but it may effect what activities you can and can't take part in. The busy season for tourists tends to be July and August and around Christmas time. Hotel rooms may be a challenge at these times. Annual rainfall is around 75 cm (30 inches) per year. In October it can be extremely hot with temperatures reaching 40 degrees centigrade (105 F) in Livingstone and up to 10 degrees centrigrade warmer in the Batoka Gorge which is the valley the Zambezi River runs though.



Zambezi River Water Levels

For rafting and kayaking, the Zambezi River is at it's best between August and December when the water level is dropping. The rapids become more defined and the drops may be larger. This time of year is when the entire river is on offer from Rapid 1 (The Wall) down to Ghostrider. Certain rapids should be walked at certain levels making a Zambezi Guide essential for any trip you plan to undertake. In June and July and generally January, the river rises to a point where the top section (Rapids 1-10 are not safe to run) so rapids 11-25 are normally run. This time of year with these high water levels, the rapids tend not to be quite as exciting as the Low Water Run.

Ideal Game Viewing Times

Wildlife tends to disperse throughout the bush during the rainy season. As foliage and vegetation dies off and gets eaten, animals move nearer to the traditional watering holes or rivers where they know there is a reliable source of water. Therefore, the best times to view animals tends to be in the dry season (which coincides nicely with the best rafting!) from August - October.